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Our lives are filled with both good and bad experiences. We can do things to minimize the bad, but sometimes they come anyway. The list of good and beautiful things in my life is long, but as everyone has, I have endured my share of the bad. From stressful relationships to financial distress, from deaths in the family to a frightening cancer diagnosis, and all the other not-great experiences along the way. Sometimes we wish someone could have kept it from happening, but you are YOU because of all of it. The good and the bad. You are smarter, you have taken charge, you have made better decisions. Surely you would be a different person had you not fought through the painful times. Who would that person have been? Do you wonder sometimes?

Written on the painting

Sometimes I wish someone had found me as a little girl, without all the armor to fend off the would, and kept me under their wing, and protected me from the pain. But then who would I be?


Size: 24″ x 48″
Oil & Ink on Canvas