Paris Alley


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Paris! A city filled with luxurious food from world-renowned chefs, delectable champagne at charming cafes, extraordinary pastries, historic art, and famous boulevards with architectural icons. One of the things I love about the sparkling city of Paris, is you can take a tiny snapshot of any one of those icons and it can be recognized by anyone around the world. The larger-than-life icons transcend all boundaries.

But, if you choose to explore the mysterious back streets that sparkle at twilight, the most interesting happenings are exposed. Quirky people, passionate interactions, and mysterious shadows. Twilight picnics of baguettes and cheese along the Seine at sunset. Tall men in doorways, nursing a cigarette, casting shadows down the alley as the sun fires up the sky.

Of significant size, this extra large 4’x5′ impact painting will look amazing in a lobby, office, or on a large hallway wall. Paris Alley is available to ship. Stretched on treated bars, framed in 3-inch wide, black wood frame, sealed back, ready to hang.


Size: 48″ x 60″
Oil on Canvas