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Size: 16″ x 20″
Pet paintings are a furry little division of the Impact Art brand. There is little else that brings such happiness to my heart than a smiling pup. And to capture their larger-than-life personality is a complete joy and honor for me. Some clients want to capture the fleeting puppy years, others are show animals with plenty of professional photos, but the owners also know these pups as their playful best friend. It is that love and friendship I want to capture in a whimsical, colorful painting. Other clients come to me for a memory painting; to capture their favorite friend in a living memorial for a favorite friend that has passed. We never have enough time with our precious pups. It is my sincerest honor to paint those happy puppy faces


This sweet, wiggly, floofy collie puppy spends her days snuggling with her humans, hiking the southern California trails, racing along the beach, and making friends with all who have the happy privilege to cross her wiggly path. 💙 Her humans wanted to capture the puppy years. They go by so fast!

Happy Clients

“This is the best piece of art in our home! It is the first thing our guests see when they walk in and everyone comments on it. It really captures the energy, happiness, and craziness that we love about our puppy. I tell everyone I know with a dog that they MUST order a portrait from you!” Bryan L

“I love, love, love this. Her personality is jumping off the canvas!” Jenny J.

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