Las Curvas


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The beauty of a woman is found in a thousand layers. Her mind and smile, her thoughts and confidence. The way she carries herself and the way she treats others. There are hundreds of little pieces that come together to make every woman beautiful and there are some women whose physical appearance is undeniably stunning. While sitting in an outdoor cafe in Madrid one Saturday, I was mesmerized by the beautiful women passing by. They were dressed out of a catalogue in body-hugging dresses and impossibly high heels and made it look like a million bucks. Their hair was long and flowing down their backs; their lips painted and their perfume expensive. I watched as the men nodded with respectful admiration. The Castilian gentleman at the table next to mine declared appreciatively, “Nuestras mujeres. Ellos son hermosas rosas!”. Our women. They are beautiful roses!.

He was interested in my sketchbook and noted my freehand draft of this painting. He noted with a gentle laugh that I needed to make her hips fuller and I asked him what his favorite thing about a woman’s body was. He sat back and surveyed the courtyard of Spanish beauties out in the plaza. “The curves of a woman”, he answered. “A woman with soft, full curves is beautiful. And her touch,” he continued dreamily, “The feel of her soft skin, her scent when you draw her close. And the taste of her kiss. This is something magical.”

Las Curvas is a beautiful and edgy piece that draws attention. It is sold and now resides in a Southern California home with an owner that truly appreciates the thousand things that makes women beautiful.

Written on Canvas

Las curvas de una mujer. Suave y abundante. El toque, olor, sabor. The curves of a woman. Soft and abundant. Her touch, her scent, her taste.


Size: 16″ x 20″
Oil and Ink on Canvas.