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Hallways is about choices and moving forward when the path isn’t clear. Studies about dreams say hallways often represent frustration in trying to escape a repetitive situation. Corridors may represent our ventures into the unknown with doors and windows representing our options. Sometimes, though, the doors are closed and the windows are cloudy which makes our decision making process difficult and stressful. I find that when I’m having trouble making a decision, it is manifested in my painting. Hallways is a representation of those difficult times when decisions aren’t clear, yet it is certain that we must find a path forward. It can be scary to move through the hallways of the unknown, and sometimes the fear doesn’t go away. We just have to do it scared.

The original Hallways painting is available for purchase, or can be replicated with similar design. No two paintings are precisely the same; yours will by created specifically for you with colors as you wish. Warmer tones of cream, yellow, mocha, and blue are a favorite for dreamy spaces. Cooler tones of blues, purples, and deep cherry are impactful and make an excellent conversation piece.


Size: 24″ x 28″
Oil on Canvas