Forest Morning


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Forest Morning is an intimate painting. This forest nymph is the character in an erotica short story published under separate cover. A copywrited excerpt:
{She woke slowly as the sunlight filtered through her gossamer wings and began to warm her body. The forest floor was slightly chilled but was warming quickly as the sun rose above the lush foliage. She untangled herself from the leafy vines and rolled her pixie self up against the mossy log and unfurled her wings. It was her favorite time of day; early morning with the new day’s sun warming her skin, but still a slight coolness dancing in the air. The forest was waking – critters calling to each other, glorious flowers opening their vibrant petals to the sun’s light, and deep green fern leaves unwrapping from their curled slumber. There was a scent of freshness rising from the earth that made her feel at peace.

Shedding her simple elfin wear, she slid her impish nakedness under the clean waters until her tussled hair was eventually submerged. She loved the feeling of the heavy aqua fingers gently pulling through her tresses; the coolness of the liquid tempering her intimate warm places that had become sinfully heated throughout the night.

Raising slowly to the water’s surface, she was innately aware of his silent presence. The water’s natural current had shifted and there was a shadow being cast from his beautiful body. Her heart rate quickened and the intimate heat returned. Playfully ignoring him, she walked forward to the stream’s edge and hopped out of the water. She scurried under a fallen tree and scooped up her tattered dress before flittering into the privacy of the dense leaves. He followed without hesitation and, as if by magic, was instantly behind her. Soft waves of sweet breath cascading down the wet skin of her neck.

She turned to him willingly; her glittering chestnut eyes alive with want, need, and passion. He wrapped his arms around the lower arch of her back and pulled her bare curves into his strong chest; kissing her intensely. She felt his heat burn through the water left on her skin. She melted into him and succumbed to the familiar sensation of being completely unable to resist his touch. The feeling of wanting to regain some control, but being literally helpless against the electricity that splintered through her the moment he touched her. The taste of his lips, the scent of his skin, the warm crystal blue of his eyes, and his completely irresistible smile that was a cross between genuine happiness and rogue mischief. He lowered her to the plush floor of leaves and pulled his full weight on top of her.

As their pulse quickened in perfect unison until he unfurled his plumage to reveal a massive wingspan, easily dwarfing not only hers, but her entire pixie self. As she wrapped her legs about the small of his back, a few powerful beats of his wings had them raised above the forest floor – their naked athleticism making a fabulous scene for the tree-dwellers who rarely left their protected canopy communities. Soaring upwards, curving in three dimensions, each change in direction causing her to feel newly virtuous. Sensations radiated through her body in vectors unfelt and previously unimaginable. Now untethered from the constraints of gravity and no longer capable of any restraint, he flew faster, higher, banking more powerfully. He was simultaneously in complete control, and yet completely relenting to the powers of primal Nature. Her body gave itself completely to him and he could feel that she was helpless to resist or control. The roar of the wind betrayed the speed at which they traveled over the landscape. They had left the forest far behind, and approached the cliffs bordering the Kubla Khan Sea. Along the way, they left a wake of her scent across the sky, their passion wafting through the heavens like rose petals and lavender.” }


Size: 16″ x 20″