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I am so effected by people with big dreams that are halted by the fear of failing. Although success is more likely with a clear plan and well-thought out direction, there is that moment when we all must take the leap across the unknown to get to the next platform. Its scary! There is much to lose. But trust in yourself. Trust your instincts. Take a deep breath and take the leap! This large impact piece is one of the most popular pieces ordered. Each one is unique but is created with the same general design and color pallet. The bright blues and purples are both cheerful and calming and makes welcoming statement in an entryway, lobby, or office.

Written on Painting

What if i fall? Oh! But what if you fly?


Various Sizes, Oil & Ink on Canvas
You choose the size.
30” x 40” and above $1700
20” x 30” $1200
16” x 20” $700
8” x 10” $550