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A sweet little division of the Impact Art portfolio. These 6” square block canvases are customized and personalized with your child’s name. Hand painted and sealed in vibrant acrylic, these darling pieces of art come in a variety of animals and colors to match any nursery decor and are ready to hang or sit easily on a decorator shelf. Have a favorite animal and color in mind? Lets create something unique specially for your little one.


Size: 6″ x 6″
Acrylic on Canvas $45/each; 3 for $125 6-inch block canvases hand painted with your favorite animals personalized with your child’s name. Can be mounted on a wall or stand on a decorative shelf. These sweet little blocks make a very unique gift and look great in a set of 3! Sets can be created with your choice of animals and preferred color scheme to match your nursery theme. $45/each.