Autumn Morning


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Inspired by the brilliant Fall colors of Vermont, this beautiful impact piece is one of the most popular pieces ordered. Each painting is unique but created with the same general design and color pallet. The design is both cheerful and calming, appealing to both men and women, and makes welcoming statement in an entryway, lobby, or office. The design is very suitable to different canvas sizes so it is easy to customize a size that will work best in your specific space.

Autumn Morning makes a beautiful statement on your wall, but also has a greater impact. I hope to inspire people to get out and experience the beautiful world around us. Majestic mountains, emerald lakes, powerful waterfalls, mysterious oceans, colorful sunrises, diamond snowfields…There is art all around us! This painting celebrates those natural wonders that inspire me and supporting some incredible organizations that are working to preserve and protect those special places in our world.

Order any size original, hand painted canvas of Autumn Morning and $100 will be donated to the healthy-earth charity of your choice! 🌿

Easy order and global shipping options. Custom sizes and color modifications available to fit your home.


Size: 20″ x 28″
Oil on Canvas