About the Artist



After 25 years of exploring the colors and textures that only oil paints can achieve, I still find so much joy and creativity in all my paintings. Each one seems to take on a personality of its own, reflecting my mood and inspiration for each piece. My art is large and makes an impact. Whether it be a life-sized painting of your smiling Shepherd on your entry wall, or the glimmering chrome of your custom Harley Roadking in your office, this art will make an impression.

My portfolio within Impact Art has four distinct parts: Large format IMPACT ART, MIND MUSINGS, PET PORTRAITS and COMMISSIONED ART.

Wendi Corbin



Impact Art

Impact art is large and colorful and makes an impression at first sight. These pieces are inherently large to fill large walls in need of color and personality. Whether abstract or created to your specifications, these impactful pieces are so enjoyable for me to create.

Commissioned Art

Commission work allows my clients to have their own custom artwork at a reasonable price compared with gallery purchases. Painted from photographs, I create similar image with a personal flair from a client’s favorite images.

Pet Paintings

Pet paintings are a furry little division of the Impact Art brand. There is little else that brings such happiness to my heart than a smiling pup. And to capture their larger-than-life personality is a complete joy and honor for me. Some clients want to capture the fleeting puppy years, others are show animals with plenty of professional photos, but the owners also know these pups as their playful best friend. It is that love and friendship I want to capture in a whimsical, colorful painting. Other clients come to me for a memory painting; to capture their favorite friend in a living memorial for a favorite friend that has passed. We never have enough time with our precious pups. It is my sincerest honor to paint those happy puppy faces

Nursery Art

Whimsical little block canvases hand painted with your favorite nursery animals. Personalized with your child’s name and painted in colors to match room decor.

Global Adventures

For 25 years I’ve traveled the globe, soaking in the colors, people, architecture, food, and music. Metropolitan cities, rural hamlets, poverty stricken villages, natural coastlines, national parks. I never tire of it. There is beauty everywhere and it inspires my art.

Mind Musings

Mind Musings are born from impactful moments that stop time and drill into your soul. They were powerful conversations, a statement I overheard, a dream I had, or a place that melted my heart. It was something I overheard from a stranger, or a realization that stands so true and impactful I want you to experience it too. Let me share these Mind Musings with you. Feel the impact in all their magnitude. Feel the color and sound and words and feelings surrounding the heaviness and passion of the moment.